Board / Committees

The NFA is Membership Managed
Another important aspect of the NFA is that it is run by it’s membership, with representatives from each company rotating in and out of 2-year term positions on the Board of Directors, consisting of President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 at-large Directors. This turnover is part of the officially adopted and enforced by-laws of the group, ensuring that no one member or small faction within the group can exercise disproportionate control of the agenda or direction of the group, which again allows it to foster its core beliefs of "all for one" and "one for all". There is only one full-time staff position, the Executive Director, which guarantees that nearly all of the financials participation from manufacturers goes back to benefit members nearly in its entirety.

2021 Board of Directors

President – Jason McSwain
VP – Larry Flick
Secretary – Raffi Sarmazian
Treasurer – Eric Mondragon

Board Members at Large 2021

Deb DeGraaf
AJ Boyajian
Dave Chambers

NFA Committees 2021

Carpet Committee Chair – Steve Hendricks
Hardwood Committee Chair – Susan Hadinger
LVT / Vinyl Committee Chair – Ian Newton
Tile and Stone Committee Chair – Kelly Taylor
Cushion Committee Chair - – Steve Brannen
Marketing Committee Chair – Lauren Coles